Frequently asked questions

Is this just another shuttle service?

No. This is YOUR very own private tour in a luxury 7 seater vehicle with your very own tour guide. No stopping and starting, No picking up other people, No wasting time!

How many people are on the tour?

The vehicle seats 7 people which includes the driver so you can have a party of up to 6.

Where does tayla made tours go on the tour?

The tour is completely designed by you and your guests. Create your own itinerary and we will work with you to make it happen. If you would like some suggestions from a locals point of view, tayla made tours can help design the perfect day for you and your party.

What time do we get picked up and dropped off?

The tour can start at the time you want. We recommend a leisurely day starting around 9.30 am and finishing around 5 pm, of course it is up to you what time, so if you need to get back to your accommodation earlier, just let us know, after all this is a self directed tour.

On a wine tour, which wineries do tayla made tours go to?

This tour is designed by you, just let us know what your preferences are, say old wineries and a couple of breweries OR a must see winery you have heard of, some boutique wineries and a special restaurant for lunch. Just let us know your ideas and we will arrange the day so it flows nicely.

Is this just 'wine tours'?

Absolutely not! The day is yours! If you want to sightsee around our wonderful city and surrounding areas of Newcastle we have a huge array of places to go. Of course there is our famous Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens to name but a few.

Who is this tour suitable for?

These tours are probably suited to someone that appreciates a more personal touch. Someone that doesn't want to wait around for a shuttle bus to pick up a plethera of people one after the other and you are thinking....lets get on with this tour, it's been an hour already! If you are looking for a massive, drunken, ye ha type of affair, then this is probably not the tour for you.

How has Covid-19 affected the tours?

Good question! Covid has certainly changed how we operate some of our tours, especially the wine tours as the tastings are all pre-booked due to scial distancing regulations. So if you would like a wine tour we would need to have some idea of the places you would like to visit, then we will make all the necessary bookings so that your day with tayla made tours flows nicely and you have a worry free experience. This would also include cheese tasting and restaurant bookings.

Does tayla made tours comply with Covid-19 cleaning regulations?

Another great question and the answer is a BIG resounding YES! Tayla made tours takes Covid very serious and we are fastidious about cleaning our vehicles before and after a tour. We at tayla made tours are very proud people and want a great reputation in the industry, so we sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!!!